How to survive at the Jilin Huaqiao University of Foreign Languages Institute HQWY

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When I arrived here I hadn’t many information about this university, nor about the city or the life here in general. It seemed to me that every information had been carefully hidden and make impossible to find.

From now on I would like to avoid this awful sensation to everyone else, that’s why I’ll write any possible useful information here.

Hope you’ll appreciate it!

*Feel free to ask any question, give any suggestion and to contact me.

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Place: Where it is? How to arrive there? Where to go?

The university is settled in the perifery of Changchun City, in the north of China, at 30 minutes by car from the airport. Univerity sent some Italian speaking students to pick up italian overseas students at the airport, but I don’t know if it the same for any nationality: they just informed university about their arrival time.

Brace yourself because none here speaks English or any other language different from Chinese – even at the airport. So, write everything down in Chinese, in case you’ll need.

I totally recommend you to write down university address to say taxi drivers or people where do you have to go. And, if it’s late tell them to bring you to the beimen 北门, the north gate: the one which it’s always open. ( The gate nearest to our accommodation is the nanmen南门, but it is closed during the night.)

吉林华桥外国语学院  – 净月大街 – 长春市

Jingyue St, Changchun, Jilin 

In front of our campus there’s the light rail stop, whit just 2 yuan you can to the center of the city – it takes more or less 40 minutes.

How is the University itself? Should I really go there?

The quality of the University depends on what are you going to do there: if you are going to study Chinese, I can assure you that is one of the best places where to study it! The reason is simple: no one will speaks English with you, no one speaks English (or at least not so well). Pay attention because, when I say “no one” I mean “no one“. It will be frustrating if you really need someone’s help, but that’s great to improve your Chinese!

During my year there, I really improved my Chinese. As I said, very few people speak English, so you have to adapt. I spent the first semester into the “middle level” class (中级A班), and the second one in the “advanced” (高级班). I can say that I passed from an HSK 4 to a sure HSK 5 (a lot of my classmates are currently taking the HSK 6).

Accommodation: everything you should know

All foreigner students live together in the same accommodation – they built a new one this summer so I don’t know how the new one is going to be. But the previous one wasn’t so bad at all, so we can hope for the new one to be the same!

Brace yourself, because the wi-fi is awful, there.

The double room costs more or less €250 per semester, but it depends on how many months you are going to spend there.
Every room has two beds, desks, one wardrobe, freezer, water dispenser and a bathroom with the shower.

Living la vida loca

I warn you that when the cold will arrive I don’t think you’ll go to many parties. However, there are few clubs in the city, one is the Shangri-là, while all the others are called May Flower 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and blabla.
Many students go out at night, so you are never going to be alone for sure!

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  1. wow! I found you as a casualty!
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    greetings from Spain!

  2. Hi! I study chinese at the university and I wolud like to go to Jilin Huaqiao Daxue with the program Overseas. Thank you very much for all the informations!

  3. Hello. Im from mongolia. And i would like to study in Huaqiao foreign Language Institute but i have no idea that how i contact them and what kind of documentation i need to prepare. Do u have suggestion for me?? Thanks 🙁

  4. Hello am J.Ansu Coleman from Liberia, am going to china to study chinese but am confused which university to enroll at but I this one is good but pls help me on how to get through with my process

  5. Wow my sister will go there in few month. Thanks for the information. Btw can you share information about other departments especially tourism management

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