Home Sweet Home: shopping list

Moving to university is definitely not an easy task: when you move, you would like to bring your entire house, all your memories and important bits and bobs with you. Unfortunately, we all come to face the fact that this is not possible.

Deciding what to bring to uni is definitely one of the hardest decisions of a student, also because once you’ll arrive, you’ll still have to buy more thing. Here’s what I suggest you to bring or to buy during your first days, you’ll see that you don’t need to bring your entire house with you to start your university life!

Let’s see it as the shopping list your mum always brings to the grocery shop!

Absolute essential:
1- pillow
2- bedding
3- cutlery (at least one per item)
4- one pan
5- one pot

Whit this 5 items you will be able to survive to your first night!

If, like me, you are coming from far and you can’t actually bring all this things with you in your suitcase, don’t panic! There is a Tesco (a superstore) right near the campus (next to Hythe train station), and you will be able to buy everything you need there. However, I do recommend to visit the shop before it’s too late, let’s say before 6 pm: you will not be the only one looking for pillows and duvet, and this items are easily sold out during the very first days.

6- duvet
7- notebooks
(I recommend Poundland for these, since they are bigger and way cheaper! There are two Poundlands in town)
8- hangers

9- blue tack
(To start customizing your room with photos of your family and friends)
10- super glue
(It’s a good thing to always have some super glue for just in case you’ll need it)

moving to uni

You will not need to buy any pen or pencil: you will receive tons of these during the freshers’ fair! (As well as shopping bags, post-its, markers and chocolate!)

moving to uni


(If you didn’t know it, the university also has a blog page where you can find lots of articles about everything, and many posts about “moving to uni” were published during the weeks before the freshers’ week.)

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