How to visit York in a weekend

York is a small, lovely, chocolate-smelling city in Yorkshire, in the north of England. The old York is perfect for a day or weekend trip, but be prepared to walk a lot!

Here’s a list of 10 things you should absolutely see or do during your weekend in York. Click the titles to book your tickets and get more information!

York walking tour 1 – Walking tour

I absolutely love walking tours -I think that they are the best way to have a first and complete look of the city! Go on a walking tour as soon as you arrive and get a general feel of the city – this will allow you to then be able to explore York on your own without getting lost.

Walking tours are free, but you can tip your guide at the end of the tour – they will have earned that!

York city walls2 – The City Wall

The Roman Wall runs around the city and it’s a lovely walk that will offer you wonderful views. It takes around 2 hours to see the entire wall, but you can decide to do just a part of it.


York Minster3 – York Minster

York Minster is a Gothic cathedral in the centre of York, with large and colourful stained windows. Tickets are quite expensive but – if you don’t want to go inside – you can still rest in the park next to the entrance.

the Shambles4 – The Shambles

See the street that inspired J.K. Rowling’s world and feel a little bit of magic while going around this peculiar shop street – bring your galleons with you!

Whip-ma-whop-ma-gate5 – Whip-ma-whop-ma-gate

This is the strangest street name I’ve ever heard, and I admit that I am not at all able to pronounce it! Stop here to see the shortest street in York, which has been literally called “What a street!”.

York Museum garden6 – Museum garden

Catch your breath in the museum garden where you can admire the ruins while resting on a bench.

6 – The Snickelways

They remind me of Venice’s calli: small and narrowed streets hidden between the buildings. I think that, if a translation of “calle” should be found, “snickelway” is the perfect fit-for-purpose English neologism.

York Cocoa House7 –  York Cocoa House

Here’s a lovely alternative to Betty’s for those that love chocolate and afternoon tea! York is well known for its chocolate history, and what better way to taste it than an Afternoon Chocolate for £13.50? Everything you eat here is made or has chocolate in it!

If you fancy, you can also book a chocolate workshop! But remember to book early (to avoid disappointment)!

 cats in york8 – Go cat hunting!

If you have good eyes you will be able to spot some cat sculptures here and there in the city centre. Ask at your hotel reception for a map of York’s cats – or just download it online! The cats will lure you to every corner of York and while you’re looking for them you will notice hidden treasures/sights that you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.

york's river9 – See the river

I personally love walking by a canal or a river on a sunny day. Your cat hunting will definitely bring you here: you can carry on with your search or you can just sit on one of the pub’s benches and enjoy the view.

Clifford's Tower10 – Clifford’s Tower

The best way to complete your trip is by seeing a lovely view of the city from Clifford’s Tower, maybe at sunset. Even if you don’t want to go inside, climbing to the top is definitely worthwhile!




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  1. You had me at ‘chocolate-smelling’ 😉 York looks beautiful, I especially love the York Minster, what lovely architecture. Taking a walking tour in a city like this is right up my alley, thanks for sharing this post.

  2. The only times I’ve been to York was from a school trip when I was in high school and to drive through it to get to the north. After reading this post post though, the next time I might have to stop and actually have a look around.

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