Best gifts for travellers I actually loved to receive

If you have a look on Internet, it’s full of “Top 5/Top 10 best presents for travelers” with lots of gifts ideas for travel lovers. But are those things really useful? Will a travel lover actually love them?

Those who know me, know how much I’m into travelling. It’s so clear that I believe finding the right present for me it’s not that hard after all! If you have problems finding the right present for Christmas, birthdays or special occasions, here’s a list of travel gifts I actually loved to receive with links where to find them.


World map watch

1. A retro world map watch

I love this watch, for obvious reasons! The case is as large as my wrist, giving it a classic “man style”. However, the colours and the golden details give it an elegant look.

There’s plenty of these online, and they all come from China (one way or another). I totally recommend not spending too much on it: in these cases, you never know what you are  really going to receive. Mine came with golden case and a silver buckle, and the strap is clearly not of top quality, however I couldn’t have asked for more at this price (£1.75, basically less than a muffin at Starbucks!).


Scratch map

2. Scratch map

This lovely scratch map is the best present for all travellers that are dreaming of seeing the whole world. Your friends will be able to scratch the country they’ve just visited with a coin. Each country has a different colour and you will see them pop up from the map as you keep on travelling.
Plus, it looks amazing on the wall, surrounded by all the cards I’ve received from friends and relatives!


3. World map watercolour painting

It’s good to bear in mind that travellers can’t bring things that are too big or too heavy with them. This colourful and tiny painting is really easy to carry in a suitcase and it will help your friends personalise their new house, wherever they go.


Travel wallet

4. Travel wallet

For those who want to be more organised during their travels, this travel wallet is the best! I always use it, especially when I change country (and currency) so that I can keep everything I need there, without having to take my actual wallet with credit card or all my documents every time I pay in a shop or show my ticket on the train. There are many versions of travel wallets online, this one is not exceptionally big, which makes it easier to carry.


Moleskine travel journal

5. Travel journal

Doubtlessly the best present I’ve ever received: I bring it with me everywhere I go! Mine is a Moleskine Travel Journal. It comes with a black hard back and a minimalist layout. It’s divided into different sections, according to the type of trip you will be taking, and it also has a series of nameless sections that you can categorize yourself.

I decided to customize and personalize the cover by adding stamps attached to the letter envelopes I receive from around the world! Feel free to send me a letter with the best stamp you can find, I’d love to hear about your adventures around the world and your thoughts about Collecting Pages!


6. E-book

In 2016, I literally moved houses every 3 months, without considering trips and travels in between. Bringing all my books with me every single time wouldn’t have been massively convenient.

This brought me to the conclusion that, even if I love paper books with my whole heart, I just can’t bring 20 books with me every time I move. So, my family decided to get me an E-book!

Reading from a screen it’s not as magical as reading on paper pages, but we do all we can not to miss on the pleasure of a good story. If you also need to bring tons of books when you travel with you, I suggest you a Paperwhite e-book: these types of e-books come with side-lit, which means that you can use them everywhere, regardless of the light, and they won’t hurt your eyes as much as a computer screen. Side-lit e-readers screens are illuminated through lights that do not point vertically to your eyes, but horizontally.


What about you? What’s the best present you’ve ever received?

3 thoughts on “Best gifts for travellers I actually loved to receive

  1. I also have a scratch map but I got it for myself. I didn’t want to wait for someone to bought it for me 😂

    The best gift I received though was the lp Australia’s guide which I used in order to prepare my trip in that amazing country.

  2. I got a Moleskine Traveller for Christmas. I can’t live without my travel diary! 😉 😉

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