Positive things to do in quarantine

Since the lockdown started, it seems like everyone is trying to maximise their time and being productive. However, this is feeling almost quite like an imposition: “you’re at home, therefore you must be productive, you must exercise, learn new skills etc…”. 

It is good to always remind ourselves that not everyone is the same and that not everyone is affected by the lockdown in the same way – so there is no rule about being productive. The only rule is to stay home!

This is a list of things that I try to do during this period and that I would like to share with you in case you feel inspired to join me. The rule is always to do whatever you feel like doing – baking a cake when you don’t feel like it, it’s never a good idea. Learn from my mistakes!

We’re all in this together, so here’s my list of 10 positive thing I will do during this period to help myself, others and the planet.



Self isolating with access to your laptop and your bank account can dangerously bring you to buy over boredom. It goes without saying that this is definitely not a good idea, since most of the times it brings you into buying things you don’t really need.

If you really want to do some shopping, why not trying to spread some positivity. Small businesses that are deeply affected by this whole situation, and every new purchase will be of great help for them. Therefore, for everything I want to buy from now on, I’ll check if it’s available from a small shop.

Another thing that might work for you is to buy a gift card or a voucher from a shop or restaurant to give to your friends or use once the lockdown is over.

If you want to join me, you can check Etsy or the website of any of your favourite shops. Here’s my favourite:

Jewellery: Crystal & Stone, Wanderlust Life

Food & zero waste: BYO, Hetu, Common, NATURALmente, Negozio Leggero

Zero waste miscellaneous: Zero Waste Path

Zero waste path shampoo bar


So, if you want to be sustainable and try new things during this lockdown, I suggest you Zero Waste Path‘s shampoo bars. The one you see in the picture smells so nice you’ll want to eat it. It makes your hair a little bit dry at first, but your scalp will get use to a natural product soon, and you want have this inconvenience anymore. If you ever thought of trying a shampoo bar, this is the perfect moment, since even if it goes wrong, no one will notice *wink wink*.



Another green swap for our household was to switch to a veggie and fruits box! It’s the perfect way for us to cut on plastic consumption and get to eat more vegetables!

We didn’t do this before because these type of boxes are usually delivered during the week, when we are at work. But since now we’re WFH, we were able to pick our favourite.

In the UK, the most famous ones are Oddbox, Farmdrop and Abel & Cole, however due to the current circumstances most of them are fully booked. But don’t worry – there are many companies and restaurants that are now delivering veggies boxes too! Or choice is this amazing box from Macro Food. They deliver in South London during the week and you can order any day until 8pm to get the box the day after!
They offer 2 options: a small (£20) and a big box (£35). Every week we give back the cardboard box and they reuse it.

If you want to order one to try it, feel free to use this code for a special 10% discount: JXTE.

Positive things to do in quarantine


If you were thinking of doing this for a very long time but never started, join me while I finally draw the line, roll up my sleeves and get rid of that jumper I know I’ll never wear. I prepared a box with everything I don’t want/need and I keep it ready for when Charity Shops are going to open again or I put it on Olio!

Some things that I don’t need anymore are pretty new, and I don’t feel like donating them, so I opened an account on eBay and I’m selling them there.

Positive things to do in quarantine


Instead of travelling the world, I thought of going for a trip down memory lane organising all my memory boxes. I spend a morning putting order all our (Christmas, B-day and random) cards, letters, theater tickets and travel tickets.

I took everything out of the boxes and divided it per category. Then, I just like Amelie’s parents, I put everything back where it belonged.

I texted friends and family members each time I found an old letter from them – I used to receive lots of mails when I was at university, so that took a while.

Positive things to do in quarantine


After cleaning and cleaning every corner of my house, I have a clearer idea of all the bits and bobs that we had hidden here and there. And I’m sure you have found those too by now. Like all the wrapping paper, boxes and markers that could be definitely used to create something.

So in these past days, I’ve been trying to be creative and use what I already have for my DIYs.

writing 1


I miss my friends and family more than ever,I want them to know that I’m thinking of them all the time – and nothing shouts “love, Giulia” more than my letters and crafts! So I took out my writings sets (yes, I have more then one) and I started writing letters and sending small gifts to my friends around Europe – hoping to cheer them out!

I believe sending letters and DIY gifts it’s the perfect and cheapest way to spread a little joy during this period. Obviously, I don’t expect anyone to reply – since the lockdown rules are more strict in other countries : making them happy is enough to give me  joy.

energy inst


Charging our laptops and our phones more than once a day, using the oven, the microwave and that lovely onion-shaped diffuser – being home 24/7 means that we will use much more energy than usual. Our incredible energy provider is Octopus, and we’re now twice as happy to have switched to green energy as we were two years ago: not only our energy plan allows us to use only 100% green energy to heat up our food, but we’re still paying the same amount of money every month even if we’re using more energy.

Our current tarif is called Super Green Octopus 12M Fixed – when we set our account, Octopus calculated the average amount of energy and gas that we were likely to use in a household like ours and we’ve been charged that amount every month for the past years. This money goes to a wallet where it is stored all together. Every month, when we do the our  meters reading the actual amount of what we spent that month is detracted from the wallet. This method is perfect since it avoids to actually paying more during winter months (when people use more electricity/gas) and way less during summer. Instead, you will put some money on a side in your wallet during summer so that you won’t have crazy bills to pay in December.

If at the end of the year, you still have money in your wallet, this is given back to you!

If you are interested in opening an account with Octopus, you can get £50 when you switch with my link and basically have a month of free green energy!

I genuinely hope my list helped you being positive! Let me know what are you doing to bring joy into your daily routine and spread some positivity around!

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