Zero waste life: Pros & cons

When it comes to sustainability, it’s important to remember that everyone is different and everyone does what they can, according to their possibilities. When it comes to zero waste, specifically, I believe that honesty it’s the most important aspect if you want to convince more people to join your cause. For this reason, I decided to put together a series of pros and cons that I personally face during my daily zero waste life.



The first and easiest way to start your green path is by bringing a bag with you at all times – everyone will tell you that.

Pros: You will actually save some money, not only the planet, since plastic bags cost between 5 and 10 pence each.

Cons: You’ll have to plan your shoppings ahead, or you will end up with carrying everything in your hands. A good idea is to always bring with you a tiny tyni extra reusable bag.



Not buying food that comes in plastic sometimes means trying to find ways to cook or prepare it yourself.

Pros: This makes you more conscious of what you put in your body, in terms of both quality and ingredients. For example, you will know that in the cereal bars you’re eating the sugar comes from the honey you put in them, nothing more. Or, in other hands, this method teaches you how your favourite food is made.

Cons: Maybe you’re a bad cook (like myself) or you just don’t have so much time to do this every day or even often enough. What I usually do is making a tons of biscuits during the weekend in order to have them for the 7 days to come!



If you type “#zerowasteswaps” on Instagram, you’ll find tons of easy changes you can do to save the planet.

Cons: Buying the reusable version can be really expensive and not everyone is willing to spend a big amount of money in one go.

Pros: The reusable version last longer than the single-use product, which means that you are investing in something that you will not have to spend money on ever again!



You may say that single-use products were created to improve life condition in a time when the reusable version was not hygenic anymore. However, most of them are simply there to make our life little bit easier also on several not key aspects.

Cons: Not using single-use products means that sometimes your choices are limited, since almost everything comes wrapped in plastic – like wrapping paper for presents.

Pros: The truth is that we don’t really need so many things: the generations before us used to play with small little things. Zero waste brings you to work with your with your imagination, allowing you to discover a new way of doing things following your own style.

There are always two sides in a coin – and in life: you have the shiny Instagram feed, and the harder but feasible reality. Everyone can do their part in changing things, you just need a little bit of imagination. There are no rules to follow, no judgment in having to fit into certain standards: no one says you have to buy all the alternative products to substitute the single-use one, nore that you have to stop using plastic straws if you need them. At least, no one should.

So why not giving it a try for however possible?

What do you think, could you live a zero waste life? If so, do you agree with my pros and cons or do you face different challenges?

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